• Looking to sell on your own to save the commission?

    What if I told you sellers who sold with an agent sold for 10% more last year? 

    More money is just half the battle, here are some more things to consider when selling on your own:


    When Selling without an agent you have to trust the fact that the person on the other end of the phone is a ready, willing and able buyer. How do you know they are ready to buy? Better yet, how do you know if their intentions is to even buy a home in the first place? There are 2.5 million burglaries annually in the United States, 66% of those are home invasions based on the Us Department of Justice statistics. Without an agent in place you can only do so much screening and could be letting potential criminals in your home! Hiring an agent allows for proper screening and the assurance that the person seeing your home is not some scammer or criminal but is ready to buy right now!


    An agent will take care of all the marketing, negotiations of the contract, and scheduling showings for your home! All you have to do is wait for an offer! Your home would only be seen by prequalified buyers, buyers agents have to be picky in who they show because time is money and they only get paid on the close of a home. Therefore they are very picky and selective as to who they will show homes to! Beyond this an agent will make sure the lender, title company and other agent is all on board. You can assure you're transaction will be taking care of and there will be no guess work! 

    Legal Liability 

    A big risk of selling on your own is the legal liability! Getting sued can cost you a lot more than a real estate commission! Often the common answer is to get a real estate attorney. This is a wise decision however a real estate attorney isn't working for you, they are working out the legalities of the contract. An agent will work the deal to make sure you net the most money at the closing table along with protecting you from legal issues! 

    Agents Calling!
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