• The Home Buyer's Roadmap & Checklist

    Wednesday, January 12, 2022   /   by Blake Hollaway

    The Home Buyer's Roadmap & Checklist

    Buying a home is an important purchase but it doesn't have to be stressful. We have put together a home buyer's roadmap to give you some guidance on what to expect when you're going through the process of purchasing a new home.

    1. Initial Consultation With Your Local Agent

    • Write out your home needs and wish list
    • Prioritize your needs and wants
    • Find a local market expert
    • Get guidance and get educated
    • Sign a Buyer's Brokerage Agreement

    2. Get PreApproved For a Home Loan
    • Speak with a Lender. We here at Gailey Enterprises have some great suggestions we can make for possible lenders.
    • Credit check 
    • Obtain preapproval from your lender of choice
    • Formal commitment by the lender to extend credit

    3. Start Your Home Search
    • Set up a custom home search
    • Discuss needs and wants with your agent
    • Select homes you are interested in 
    • View homes

    4. Make An Offer On Your New Home
    • Strategize and prepare a strong offer based on current market trends
    • Seller concessions
    • Closing date
    • Contingencies 
    • Earnest money
    • Review and present an offer

    5. Contract Negotiation & Acceptance
    • Negotiate any counter-offers
    • Agent and buyer work closely
    • The goal is to have a win/win for all parties involved
    • Execute contract

    6. Contract Deadlines
    • Monitor all deadlines
    • Inspect the property
    • Renegotiate any items on the contract if needed such as inspections, title, and appraisal.

    7. Loan Process
    • Submit all required documentation
    • Appraisal 
    • Secure underwriting approval
    • Do not make any large purchases
    • Final credit check

    8. Closing
    • Title work
    • Lender loan funds
    • Deed is recorded
    • Cash at closing as wire or certified check
    • Receive Keys

    9. Move Into Your New Home
    • Transfer or establish utility services
    • Submit a change of address
    • Take possession of your new home