• 7 Reasons People Are Moving To Ocala, Florida

    Monday, January 3, 2022   /   by Blake Hollaway

    7 Reasons People Are Moving To Ocala, Florida

    Ocala, Florida has grown quickly over the last few years. Why? Because Ocala has a lot to offer! Here are 7 reasons people are moving to Ocala, Florida. 

    1. Ocala is the horse capital of the world.
    That's right! Of the world! With the recent opening of The World Equestrian Center, Ocala has a variety of horse, rodeo, and other animal competitions and shows that bring crowds from all over the world to the city of Ocala. 

    2. Ocala is the #4 safest place to live.
    According to the US News & World Report Ocala is ranked as the number 4 safest place to live making it an ideal candidate for families looking to settle down. 

    3. Ocala is affordable.
    The sales price for a single-family home is lower than the national average. Property taxes are near the state average and sales tax is just under the state average giving an overall more affordable lifestyle.

    3. Ocala is the #16 best place to retire according to US News & World Report. 
    Because Ocala is affordable and a safe place to live, it is also the ideal place for retirement. Other factors such as good healthcare and the warmer weather are also a huge plus for many people!

    4. Ocala is the #6 fastest growing. 
    According to US News & World Report, Ocala is the #6 fastest growing place allowing for more opportunity for many people in terms of housing and lifestyle. 

    5. Ocala is centralized. 
    Because Ocala is smack in the middle of Central Florida, it is an ideal suburb with easy access to a variety of theme parks, cities, and beaches in the Florida area.

    6. Ocala has a lot of outdoor activities. 
    If you love doing outdoor recreational activities then Ocala has a lot to choose from. From outdoor horseback riding to hiking to watersports, Ocala offers a variety of fun activities that you can do solo or with friends. 

    7. Ocala is #9 best place to live in Florida
    With all the positive aspects Ocala has to offer its no wonder US News & World Report ranks Ocala as the #9 best place to live in all of Florida.